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Simplistic Wealth Management

You won’t see a picture of fake retirees on this site.

Money Is Only Scary If Your Advisor Makes It So

You’ve seen all the big firms. And you’ve seen how they overcharge and overcomplicate the financial planning process.

You know that many people in the financial business are driven by their bottom line and aren't as interested in your success.

Not Here. Not Ever.

For well over a decade, you and your financial well-being have remained our sole focus — and will always continue to be. As a people first firm, we adhere to a built-in code of ethics and character standards to make sure that we always have your best interest. We are a fiduciary. Period.

Our Philosophy

You are what matters Oklahoma City, OK Windle Wealth

You are what matters to us.

We look forward to sharing meals, hangin’ out with you, celebrating your triumphs and being there for you when things are difficult. This is about your life.

We Keep It Simple Oklahoma City, OK Windle Wealth

We keep it simple.

Our industry uses complicated products and confusing jargon. Mostly for their benefit. With us, you’ll always understand what the plan is and what you own.

We don't take ourselves too seriously.

You?  Our jobs?  Absolutely!  Ourselves?  Nah, we're not wired that way.

No Stock Photos — Just Real People

DJ Windle "Stock Photo" Oklahoma City, OK Windle WealthDJ Windle, CFP®

The Captain

Dad | Husband | Investment Nerd | Adventure & Travel Lover | Musician | Flip Flops are 🔥

Alli Bell "Stock Photo" Oklahoma City, OK Windle WealthAlli Bell

Operations Slayer

Devoted Wife | Over the Top ⚽ Mom | 90s Boy Band Lover | Scorpion Slayer | Queen of the Dirt Roads | Nascar Driver Wannabe

Jan Taylor "Stock Photo" Oklahoma City, OK Windle WealthJan Taylor

Chaos Coordinator

Happy Wife | Momma Bear 🐻| Resident WW Fashionista | Mountain Woman Wannabe | Proper Grammar Enforcer

Jason Yost "Stock Photo" Oklahoma City, OK Windle WealthJason Yost

Hype Man

Obedient Husband | Father | OU Fanatic | Corporate Survivor | 🎵 90’s Music | Snack-Eating Champion

Our Clients






What financial situation do you need simplified?

With years of industry experience, we’ll break it all down for you — It doesn't have to be complicated.

Tools we use to help you plan for your future

Investment Management Oklahoma City, OK Windle Wealth

Traditional Assets

Risk Management Oklahoma City, OK Windle Wealth

Digital Assets

Retirement Planning Oklahoma City, OK Windle Wealth

Financial Planning

Education Planning Oklahoma City, OK Windle Wealth

Other Stuff

How it Works 

Step 1

Gather Stuff

Step 2

Organize Stuff

Step 3

Simplify Stuff

Step 4

Monitor Stuff

Step 5

Live Your Life

Looking to clarify your financial life?

If you want to work with someone who knows you are a genuine human being with a story to tell,

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Simple. Effective. Advice

Reach out to our squad if you want to be treated like a human and want to simplify your situation.